Best Dishwasher in India

Best Dishwasher in India 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

In a hectic life and a fast-paced world, we always need to find some shortcut to finish work faster, so we get more scope to rest, and honestly, with the advent of technology, it seems like anything time-consuming is gradually growing obsolete. Imagine working the entire day and having dinner, and you find out that there is a pile of dirty dishes in the sink.

How irritating! Which is why this is the best chance for you to invest in the best dishwasher in India, which can easily do these tasks for you. With the introduction of so many new features and products, it can be challenging to choose the best dishwasher in India by yourself, therefore, you will find some clarity with the buying guide present in our article.

10 Best Dishwasher in India 2022

Product NameCapacityMaterialWarrantyPrice
1. Voltas DT8S8 Place settingsStainless Steel2 Years Product

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2. IFB Neptune VX12 Place settingsVinly coated iron2 Years Product

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3. AmazonBasics12 Place settings‎Stainless Steel2 Years Product

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4. IFB Neptune FX12 Place settingsGlass2 Years Product

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5. Faber FFSD 6PR 12S12 Place settingsGlass2 Years Product

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1. Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher DT8S

We begin our list of the best dishwasher in India with a dishwasher from Voltas. Voltas is a brand that is entirely trusted in India and has a reputation for providing only the best home appliances. Bringing only the best features into the market, the Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher DT8S boasts an exquisite range of fitting up to 96 vessels and has an 8 place setting.

This means you can use this dishwasher for your dinner plates, dessert plates, single glasses, soup bowls, teacups and saucers, knives, spoons, and forks.

It has 6 preset wash programs, which are suitable for use on Indian utensils as well. It is quite powerful for cleaning heavily soiled crockery as it provides a superior and highly hygienic cleaning using powerful jets of water and high temperature. It has special preset programs for saving water and electricity.

The dishwasher provides premium washing and dries the crockery as well. It can very easily fit into any kitchen because it is pretty compact and does not take up too much space on the floor. The specifications along with the features


  • 8 place setting 
  • 6 preset programs 
  • Superior and hygienic cleaning 
  • Compact in size


  • The design is not very ergonomic
  • Relatively small and cannot be used if you have a big family.

2. IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

Next on our list of the best dishwasher in India is the IFB Neptune VX. IFB is also a pretty famous and trustworthy brand for electronic appliances, and the IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher claims to be the perfect dishwasher for Indian kitchens; it can clean anything, be it a sturdy kadhai or delicate crockery.

It has a 12 place setting, which means that it can easily fit in utensils for a large family. It is also preset with 8 wash programs that are very useful and quite potent in giving you a germ-free hygienic wash.

The utensils are cleaned at wash temperatures of 70° C which quickly removes all germs, and despite this, the dishwasher is really energy efficient. The dishwasher has adjustable racks so that you can customize your own device quite easily. If you are running the dishwasher with fewer utensils, you can use the preset program to save water;

therefore, this product is also environmentally responsible. After your utensils are cleaned, it has proper steam drying, which dries all your utensils without leaving any marks on them. 


  • 12 place setting
  • 8 wash programs
  • Steam drying 
  • Sturdy build


  • Customer service is not good
  • Maintenance cost is relatively high

3. AmazonBasics 12 Place setting Dishwasher (Improved version)

The new and improved version of the AmazonBasics 12 Place setting Dishwasher is designed very ergonomically and quite stylish. It comes equipped with 7 wash programs containing intensive cleaning, normal cleaning, and eco-friendly cleaning, to name a few.

The dishwasher provides cleaning suitable for literally any utensils you may have in your Indian kitchen, including stainless steel and ceramic utensils. If you feel like your daily load of utensils is too small for you to run a full wash, you can also opt for the half-load option, which is great for daily washing of smaller loads of utensils.

It also comes equipped with an extra drying option that helps the utensil drying process become faster and avoids any water stains on such utensils. An adjustable upper shelf creates space for any large utensils at the dishwasher’s bottom. The control panel is also quite easy to use. 


  • 7 wash setting
  • 12 place setting
  • Adjustable upper shelf
  • Ergonomic and easy to use control panel


  • Baskets are not very durable
  • Installation is hectic

4. IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

IFB is a company that produces internationally popular kitchen and home appliances. Also, it has quite a track record in such machines, and the IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Dishwasher upholds the good reputation perfectly.

It has a 12 Place Setting which is perfectly suitable for families having up to 6 members. You can fit a lot of utensils for one single wash in this dishwasher. It also comes with 5 preset wash programs, which easily cleans heavily soiled or lightly soiled utensils and also provides options like normal wash and a super 50-minute wash, which saves water and electricity.

There are also special features included in this dishwasher, like you can adjust the upper basket when the dishwasher is loaded. It has 4 shelves in the upper rack, which are also height-adjustable, so you can fit in many utensils without having to run the machine again and again. It has a child lock, overflow and leakage protection, and heater protection as safety options, and an LED display on the control panel, which anyone can easily use. 


  • 12 place setting
  • Adjustable upper basket
  • A lot of special features and safety features are available
  • LED control panel


  • Just 5 preset wash programs

5. Faber 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (FFSD 6PR 12S)

Before we come to the specifications of this dishwasher, it must be noted that the Faber 12 Place Settings Dishwasher is immensely good looking and one of the best fits in your kitchen if you have a very modern modular kitchen. But don’t be fooled by its beautiful neo-black color.

This dishwasher has 6 washing programs that provide intensive cleaning to all your utensils and is also very eco-friendly and energy-efficient. You can get this dishwasher if your family has 6 members or less. This dishwasher’s very special feature is that it comes with a height-adjustable upper rack that you can easily adjust to customize and fit in more utensils as you seem fit.

You can also fold them as the racks are foldable as well. The body is rust-proof and also has an impressive warranty on the body and the machine. To make the design of this dishwasher much more ergonomic and user-friendly, it is equipped with an electronic push-button control and a power memory. 


  • 12 place setting
  • 6 washing programs
  • Height adjustable upper rack
  • Ergonomic design


  • Placing Indian utensils is difficult
  • Customer service is not that good

6. LG 14 Place Settings Wi-Fi Dishwasher (DFB424FP)

Our list of the best dishwasher in India is incomplete without mentioning one of the best appliance companies in India. LG is a company that all of us know for quite some time now as one of the best companies producing home and kitchen appliances, and with LG stepping up their game, the LG 14 Place Settings Wi-Fi Dishwasher is genuinely a very modern machine.

It has 9 preset wash programs suitable for all utensils that are typically used in the Indian kitchen. You can easily put in utensils made of stainless steel or ceramic, and the dishwasher will even clean dishes with heavy oil and masala stains. It also has a gentle and eco-friendly wash option which is environmentally friendly.

This dishwasher is also equipped with many unique features which make dishwashing a more straightforward job; for example, it comes with four washing arms and a multi-directional rotation, which gives a thorough cleansing. Other than this, you can easily adjust the upper bucket for a smooth operation. It also has personalized settings for you and has a low noise level for a disturbance-free wash. 


  • Ergonomic and easy to use design
  • Low noise level
  • 14 place setting
  • 9 wash programs


  • Dishwashing is not that thorough
  • Does not have a memory for long cycles

7. Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher ( FFSD 8PR 14S)

You can guess the popularity factor of Faber dishwashers with it being listed for another time on this review list. Truly, the Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher is a pretty sleek and beautiful design. It is an upgrade because it has a 14 Place setting which is very suitable for moderately large families.

It is designed with 8 wash programs that are pretty helpful since they are preset programs, and you do not have to fiddle with the buttons to set the desired mode continuously. Again, like most dishwashers, this Faber dishwasher too has an eco-friendly option.

This dishwasher is practically noiseless and comes with an upper rack to adjust the height, and comes with foldable racks. It is equipped with salt and rinse aid indicators and a very ergonomic and user-friendly control panel. All you need to do is press the buttons to get it to work.


  • 14 place setting, for large families
  • 8 wash programs
  • Adjustable racks
  • Almost noiseless


  • It takes a lot of time to dry up
  • The bottom shelf is not suitably designed for Indian utensils

8. Voltas Beko White Dishwasher DF14W

Again a very popular company, and twice listed on this review, the Voltas Beko White Dishwasher DF14W is a beautifully designed dishwasher specifically designed for larger families. The Voltas Beko White Dishwasher has a 14 place dishwasher setting, making it an excellent fit among dishwashers catering for a larger family.

This fully integrated dishwasher has a digital motor which makes it more powerful. The dishwasher also has 5 preset wash programs that can help you achieve that beautiful stain-free utensil and serve the purpose you bought the dishwasher for, even though most dishwashers come with a higher number of programs.

It also has a Mini 30’ program setting, which allows the dishwasher user to wash a whole load of utensils in just 30 minutes and is perfect for dishes that are lightly soiled, and it, therefore, saves energy and time, and water. This Voltas dishwasher is therefore quite ergonomic and environmentally conscious, making it an excellent choice for people looking for a big, basic dishwasher.


  • 14 place dishwasher setting
  • Suitable for large families
  • Eco friendly with the Mini 30’ program
  • Digital motor


  • Only 5 preset wash options
  • It might be a bit expensive for people on a budget.

9. Siemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SN256W01GI)

You can understand this dishwasher’s popularity when you see reputable companies like Siemens making modern and ergonomically designed dishwashers. Therefore, the Siemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher is made to keep in mind the requirements of a middle-sized family.

It comes with a 12 place setting that can easily fit all your utensils, and you have a choice among 6 wash programs to use. You also get an intensive 70 degrees program which helps in cleaning any heavily soiled utensils.

This dishwasher also comes equipped with foldable racks to easily fit in your desired utensils and a half-load programme that does your daily wash with minimum power consumption. However, this is not as noiseless and does emit a higher sound than the ones listed above. You also get a glass care system and water sensors, top shower, and load sensors, which help for the dishwasher’s smoother functioning and is very productive.


  • 12 place setting
  • 6 wash program
  • Foldable racks
  • A lot of unique features


  • Noisier than other dishwashers
  • The build is not very durable

10. Hafele Aqua 12S, 12 Place Settings Stainless Steel Freestanding Dishwasher

We end our list of the best dishwasher in India with the a German brand that is slowly becoming very popular in India in terms of design and ergonomics. The Hafele Aqua 12S, 12 Place Settings Stainless Steel Freestanding Dishwasher is definitely up to the mark. It comes with a 12 place setting, which is enough for a middle-sized family and can also cater accordingly when you have extra dishes to take care of.

The best part of this Hafele dishwasher is that it can work on dishes with as little as 11 litres using the ECO program, which uses a much lower water consumption and less energy. This dishwasher is therefore environmentally friendly.

It provides a complete 99.9% Germ-free Cleaning; the dishwasher cleanses thoroughly and delivers a very hygienic wash after eliminating all the germs and bacteria and thoroughly sanitizes the utensils.

After cleaning, the drying cycle ensures perfectly dry utensils that will not have any water residue or moisture deposits. The shelves are very soft and come equipped with racks and spikes which are nylon coated, as a result of which it provides a very gentle hold while washing glassware. 


  • 12 place setting
  • 99.9% germ-free cleaning
  • Eco friendly
  • Nylon coated shelves with racks and spikes


  • Customer service is not that good
  • It might be expensive for people on a budget

Which Dishwasher is Best in India? | How to Choose The Best Dishwasher in India

Best Dishwasher in India - Buying Guide

1. Factors to Consider Before Buying The Best Dishwasher in India

A. Dishwasher Type

There are different kinds of dishwashers that are available in the market. There are built-in dishwashers, which are set permanently, and will therefore stay fixed with your kitchen. This might be a good option for you if you are settling down in your own home. However, there are options of getting a portable dishwasher; you can use these if you shift frequently. Countertop dishwashers are also suitable for really small families who need a compact dishwasher for their houses.

B. Capacity

You must always consider the capacity of a dishwasher before investing in it. It is highly probable that you choose a dishwasher without knowing its capacity, which will end up badly because you would not be able to use it constructively. But if you choose a dishwasher with a smaller capacity, you will have to use it again and again, which is not energy efficient. If you choose one that is larger and load it with less dishes, it will result in more energy consumption and wastage of water, which is not environmentally friendly.

C. Control Panel

Dishwasher Control Panel

It is essential that you check the control panel of the dishwasher before buying. The best dishwasher in India has a great control panel that makes the dishwasher user-friendly. The control panel helps toggle the many advanced settings that make it easy for you to handle the dishwasher. Also, control panels with LED are becoming very famous nowadays as they show all the settings and can be easier to see and use. 

D. Wash Programs 

There are different types of wash programs that your dishwasher will come in, and most of them in new dishwashers are preset, so you have to switch the machine on, and it will do your job for you. The purpose of these preset wash programs is to quickly detect the amount of soiling and automatically give you a better result. These wash programs are not just limited to regular wash programs. For example, when you have greasy utensils or many oily dishes, you can quickly put them in the heavy wash program.

Even though this uses more water and power, you will be able to remove heavy staining from your burnt utensils. If you feel like your utensils are more or less clean and need a rinse, then you can put them in and press the rinse option. Just like this, there are a lot of options that are present on your dishwasher, and with newer versions of the dishwashers which are pervading the market.

You can also get newer options like an energy-saving washing program, which is much more environmentally friendly and saves both power, electricity, and water and gives you the same results, and a sanitization mode which provides a hygienic cleansing of all your utensils. By using these wash programs, your efforts of continuously setting a timer will be relieved, and you will save more time. These programs are better suited for your machine anyway.

E. Drying Mechanisms

There are usually different drying mechanisms that a dishwasher uses to give you superior performance, and most of these do not leave any stains on your dishes as well. Usually, there are three different types of such dryers: fan blowers, heat, and condensation. Dishwashers having fan blowers are a bit slow, as the fans are used to eliminate the water molecules from the utensils, bowls, and dishes.

This is beneficial when you have put plastic utensils because the heat dryer can easily damage them. However, using heat is definitely much easier and faster as the temperature automatically rises and removes the utensils’ liquids. The last type, condensation, is the most economical and the most advanced drying technique among these all.

It simply condenses the water molecules and the liquids from the vessels, and it also does not matter what kind of utensils you are drying as it does not damage any utensils. Most dishwashers usually have a condensation mechanism or fan-type drying mechanism because of the variety of utensils dried in these dishwashers. 

F. Smart Features

Dishwasher Smart Features

Why use a dishwasher which does one tedious job, and you cannot even customize it properly? The best dishwashers in India come with smart features that you can use to get the work done faster and adds extra luxury to the machines. It must be kept in mind that the more smart features present in the dishwasher, the costlier the dishwasher.

However, some features are very common in dishwashers, such as removable upper or lower racks that are easily adjusted up and down so that the large containers and vessels can be put inside the dishwasher. There are also many filters present which separate the dust and the food particles and provide better functioning of the dishwasher, but they also need to be cleaned on a day-to-day basis so that the performance of the dishwasher remains unchanged.

There are also special modes that sanitize and let the user set the water temperature higher to kill the harmful bacteria, viruses, germs, and other pathogens that might be present on the kitchen appliances. Other than this, some dishwashers are also equipped with soil sensors that help you monitor the amount of grime and dirt on each utensil and consequently adjust the water level and the cycle length according to the utensils’ needs.

There are also smart features like auto restart, child safety lock mechanism, and adjustable or removable racks that help in the dishwasher’s proper functioning. These modes safeguard the device from accidental opening or closing and help in better cleaning of the device’s utensils and functioning. Some of these options are also energy efficient and, therefore, environmentally friendly and responsible, and do not burn a hole in your pocket with your monthly electricity bill. 

G. Indicators

There are different kinds of indicators present on the control panel, and all of these help you understand what your machine is doing at the moment. The control panel will indicate the mode, time, and every mechanism of the dishwasher.

It is essential that you check the type of indicators you have on your dishwasher because it is not possible to stay in front of your dishwasher all the time. Instead, these indicators will help you understand how much work is done. Usually, two types of indicators notify you after the washing process is completed, and the second one is when the drying process is completed. If you wish, you can even switch off the indicators.

H. Energy Efficiency 

It is important that you check the energy consumption of the new dishwasher you are investing in. The more stars on the energy rating, the more energy-efficient your new dishwasher will be. Having a dishwasher that is energy efficient is the new trend. Energy efficiency is not just a fancy term; it helps the product be environmentally friendly and responsible and does not burn a hole in your pocket at the end of the month.

I. Noise 

Imagine getting a new dishwasher, but every time you switch it on, there is a humongous sound that distracts each member of your house and makes it physically impossible to function or concentrate properly. This has been the woe of many buyers, which is why you must always get a machine that claims to be silent so that you can easily concentrate on your daily jobs and noise does not pose as an impediment to your work.

J. Warranty and Budget 

While buying a dishwasher, you must take care of the price point. Investing in a pricey dishwasher may ultimately burn a hole in your pocket, and it is not the ideal scenario. Dishwashers having more features and accommodating more space obviously will cost a lot more than the average dishwasher. To make your investment worth it, most companies offer a reasonable time of warranty period so that you can quickly call the service center to get your dishwasher fixed.

2. How Does the Best Dishwasher in India Work

How Dishwasher Works

First, the dishwasher uses the water supply it is attached to and pipes in the water. Next, depending on the water temperature and the settings that you have chosen on the control panel, the dishwasher automatically warms up the water. Because it uses warm water, a dishwasher is a much more hygienic option to opt for than regular handwashing. However, you can put delicate crockery items on the upper shelf so that they don’t crack. An electric pump is present in the dishwasher, which pumps the water up through the side walls.

The water that is piped squirts up through the holes on the bottom of the metal paddle, making it spin around. The bottom paddle is made of metal because it needs to tolerate hotter temperatures, which usually happens around the base of the machine. Next, water of a slightly cooler temperature is poured in through holes on the upper plastic paddle, which makes it spin around as well, and because the temperature is less, a plastic paddle is used.

The water then bounces on the plates and falls back to the bottom of the dishwasher, where it heats up and is pumped around the circuit once more. After the water has bounced off your plates, it falls back to the bottom of the machine, where it is heated and pumped around the circuit again. This is where it gets mixed with the dishwasher soap (which can be in liquid or a pellet form) and helps wash the dishes. 

3. How to Use The Best Dishwasher in India

To use your dishwasher, you must load up your dishwasher with your crockery while taking care that the dishwasher’s rotating arms do not get obstructed. If you do not place the items correctly in the racks, your dishwasher won’t work properly.

Nowadays, dishwashers have the provisions of using a soap pellet, but if you do not use them, then make sure you are putting in the correct amount of cleanser. After you have done these, you will need to switch the dishwasher on using the control panel and select your preferred program for the wash.

If you wish, you can also use a delayed start, and once you have selected all the necessary options on the control panel, you can close the door of the dishwasher, and your machine will start working immediately. Remember to clean your dishwasher regularly to make increase its durability and maintain its efficiency.


A suitable dishwasher will miraculously simplify your task of doing dishes, and that is why it is always essential to put in a certain amount of research before you invest in a dishwasher. Buying a product that does not suit your needs will end up being a disaster.

Now that you are proficient and educated on using a dishwasher and choosing the right product that will fit well with your household, you can choose a dishwasher from the list provided above. If you have any doubts regarding our list on the best dishwashers in India, feel free to use the comments section below or send an email via the contact form.

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